Aluminium Forged Parts and Castings

We deliver fair priced aluminium parts and offer a range of comprehensive services.


What distinguishes us?

  • Decades of experience in global sourcing
  • Ability to always deliver - under all circumstances
  • Decades of business relations with national and international forge plants and foundries with all technical possibilities and a huge range of special services
  • Proven customer orientated order, quality and risk management processes
  • Customer support in planning and model construction, rapid prototyping
  • Huge range of machining and treatment possibilities
  • Accurate and on time delivieries guaranteed
  • Small batches and short-runs, medium batches and large series
  • Central warehouse: We store and stock customer parts
  • Consignment stock and custody at customers´premises; support of JiT und Kanban
  • An exceptionally high customer satisfaction measurement score