Consignment Storage

Flexible procurement and supply systems that enhance the performance of our clients


In suitable cases we offer our customers procurement and supply solutions on the basis of a consignment storage. If the supply levels of parts fall below a defined minimum quantity, we will automatically replenish the concerned stocks. This integration with the client enables us to produce and deliver parts in optimal quantities, while the customer pays only for parts consumed from the store. We are able to enter and pre-finance these contracts, because we and our network of producers plan optimal batch sizes and then produce with flexibility and a best fit approach. This is very beneficial for our clients, as it optimizes production costs greatly.


Our customers use this appraoch to lower storage costs and capital bound in parts, while ensuring their own delivey capacaties, with no risk of unavailable parts. This is a very client-friendly system, which due to our vast experience in these matters we master exceptionally well, and jointly with our global network of suppliers have brought to an unmatched perfection. Our risk management looks into all issues of construction and model changes, as well as catering for fluctuations in order sizes and resulting bull-whip effects. This way, our clients can always react to market changes with a great flexibility and an optimized cost management. Only the absolute necessary minimum amount of capital is tied up in the storage of parts.