Rapid Prototyping

The quick way from an idea to a qualified sample.


With pleasure we are giving support already in the forefront of planned parts, value analysis and model changes. Often we can help by designing improvements of the original model, achieving qualitative optimisations and cost savings at the same time, improving producibility as well.


Often, grey or ductile iron parts can be replaced with aluminium forgings or castings, which is saving weight while improving the overall performance of the part. We help our clients with the according consultation and planning.


Time and again, our customers face the challenge that established supplier relations cease to exist, as producers withdraw from the market or throw clients out of their portfolio, for whatever reasons; we don´t do that. Or, sometimes a part is needed quickly, and eventually with a changed construction, which might not even be documented. Whether we are confronted with an old spare part, a new model or a prototpye; we help quickly, and deliver even small batch sizes fast and at attractive prices. Our reliable network of model makers is helpful here, but we are also very good at guiding those unwanted and unliked prototypes though a busy production site. We are always in the good books of our suppliers. To be so quick and reliable is something we have established via a deep integration with our partners and over a very long time.