Products & Services

We deliver aluminium parts and professional services


We support our customers with numerous offerings and services. We know our material very well, and you can already involve us in the forefront of the planning phase. Save weight and benefit from technical advantages by switching to aluminium parts. We can help with the technical planning, part development and model construction, we supply prototypes, proofs, and documentation (analysis, attestations or certification). As one of very few providers we welcome small batch run series and stand for extremely timely deliveries. We thus make sure your production capacities are always available and combine this with attractive prices.


Our technical engineering office supports you with the planning and all issues in regard to models, production, machining and treatment. Our excellent order management looks into all the logistical details which are of importance to you. As we have a network of trusted, integrated suppliers at our disposal, and also have access to their production capacities, we can deliver even last minute orders on time and with excellent quality. We even invest into our suppliers in order to enhance their technical spectrum and production potential. This is unique in the industry.     


Due to our seasoned know-how and our global relations to trusted suppliers we make sure our customers have no risk and no worries when dealing with aluminium parts. As a highly specialised company within our industry niche, we have been growing year after year. The results of our customer satisfaction surveys are exceptionally good, way above average and unparraleled in comparison with comparable suppliers or the industry standards.