Small Batches - We produce when no one else wants to.

Sensible prices for small and medium series warrant our clients´ success


We have specialised on the production of medium, and, even more important, of those uneconomic small batch runs which are not really much liked by forging and casting producers. We know the production capacities of our manufacturers by heart, and produce the parts of our customers exactly when it makes the most sense from the point of view of the forge or foundry. All involved parties profit from this approach, which in consequence and under the circumstances results in the best obtainable prices on the market. Many of the parts we produce are series, which had been singled out from their portfolio by other manufacturers. This is where we come into the picture - we supply what others cannot produce at an economic price level anymore. For each part in any order amount we have the matching production facility.  


We are independent from the plants, but we distuingish ourselfs by our long term and abiding partnership with selected producers, with whom we create excellence on behalf of our clients. By means of our weathered and trusted order, supply chain and risk management, we look that our manufactureres are always loaded adequately to match their capacity; this creates loyalty and faithfulness in turn.


Thus we are getting maximum attention coupled with great conditions even at times when the forging and casting industry is fully loaded to their maximum capacity. As a long term preferred partner, we enjoy a priority status, of which our customers have benefited to great effect. In certain cases we even invest in a very focused way into the production capabilities of our producers, in order to enable special demands of our clients. Due to this integration we are flexible, work in a cost optimised and efficient manner and realise lean prices even with small and medium batch size runs - and we can deliver even when other producers refuse to give offers.