Client Benefits

We are more than just a supplier - we are a systems partner.


Our clients enjoy man benefits.


  • Delivery reliabilty and punctuality are our trademarks
  • Quality management, a high quality consciousness, additional tests and inspections
  • An efficient integration with clients and producers leads to a valuable system of partnerships
  • We support clients with many auxiliary services - optimised storage, low costs
  • Our risk management protects and guards our customers and safeguards their production capabilities
  • We deliver even those parts which hardly anyone likes to manufacture, or is able to produce
  • We deliver small and medium series and batch sizes with attractive prices
  • High competence in forged and cast parts made from aluminium
  • Our portfolio also covers all parts in grey and ductile iron casts
  • We are very supportive in the planning process, model analysis, model improvements
  • Production facilities in Germany. Europe, and worldwide global sourcing
  • Fast generation and production of meaningful samples up to rapid prototyping
  • Our customers are always able to produce - "mission critical" parts are failsafe and multiple protected


Due to our very tight and long term integration with our network of manufacturers we are capable of doing things like hardly anybody else in this branch of industry. And this with attractive prices, also like hardly anybody else in the industry. But we are also tightly interlocked with our clients, and know their demands almost better then they do. This way, we are helping our customers to defend and grow their position in the market, and to be better than their competitors. We are very reliable - and in order to stay this way, we are serious about our process of continuously improving and developing ourselfs, and also make use of external audits.