Forged & Hammered Aluminium Parts

Unexpected possibilities: Modern reshaping and forming techniques


Forged and formed aluminium comes with many advantages! These parts reduce weight, while adding tenacity and stiffness. Parts made with forged aluminium are high-strength, not prone to corrosion, they can be fully recycled, and are deployable in a setting based on sustainability.


The quality of our forged parts speaks for itself. The forming and reshaping process conserves the integrity of the material, produces optimal characteristics with partly more than double the tenacity compared to alloys used in casting. Also, forged aluminium parts come free of pores and with a wonderfully homogeneous surface texture. Forging allows the construction of multifaceted, complex constructions even with a very thin wall thickness. These parts come, as mentioned above, with a very high solidity, so high strains and wear pose no problem at all for the parts and their surface. Reshaping, hammering and forging processes allow sophisticated geometries and constructions; if in particular cases a solution based on casting would be a better alternative, we are offering all thinkable variations as well.


We offer die-or drop-forging solutions in all standard aluminium alloys, combined with all thinkable technical possibilities of machining, treatment, tempering, finishing and grade-up refining. Our vast and specialised network of manufacturers and fabricators is offering the entire range of alloys and we are always able to help with unusual or rare alloys and all casting types as well; just send us your enquiries or a request for proposal.