Availability: Safeguarding Production

Our 100 % ability to deliver is a key success factor for our clients


The forging and casting industry is known for relatively long lead times, but not exactly for a great adherence to schedules, or for being particularly flexible. We have changed these characteristics to great effect. Our supplier and risk management and the supervision of all key dates are enabling our 100 % "on time" rate and our much admired capability to always deliver. You can rely on us, and this at very reasonable prices. Our way higher-than-average customer satisfaction surveys and the fact that some of our clients are with us since several decades, seem to confirm this. 


Our clients know no production hold-ups - well, at least not based on missing aluminium forgings or castings. We even deliver, when others throw up their hands in horror. In order to achieve that, we break our backs and run the extra mile. Jointly together with our network of forges and foundries, we ensure that especially the delivery of "mission critical" parts is ensured, so that we - and that way our clients - are alyway able to produce and deliver. Though the same procedure really applies for seemingly unimportant parts as well. 


Due to our very tight and long term integration with our network of manufacturers we are able to deliver on time and to trigger small batch sizes even in tight markets, times when even medium batches usually are unwanted and are falling through the cracks. Being tightly interlocked with our clients and producers, we can immediately shift arrangements, if the need arises to display flexibility. Our regionally and globally dispersed partners are listening to us, when we are calling. This way we are getting priorities when we need them, and are able to deliver when no one else can, and this even with great conditions. We have built up these partnerships and capabilities over many many years. In certain critical cases we have several producers for the same part and are always able to deliver, come what may.