Aluminium Castings

The Alternative: Casting Solutions in Aluminium


Next to our bespoke forged aluminium parts, we also offer the entire range of casts made from aluminium. We provide all categories of hand formed castings, pressure die casting, permanent mould casting, as well as a range of different moulding machines with different speeds and box sizes suitable for all needs and batch sizes.


This is your advantage: Within our network we can always source one of our trusted quality suppliers who will have the right capacity and just the perfect production facilites to become a best match for your specific requirements. We can cast your parts making use of your existing models, or - according to your specs - can create new models, moulds, ingots and lasting moulds. We can of course use your 3-D construction data files in order to manufacture models economically.  


We support you with consultation in the planning and construction process of your aluminium casting parts. Make use of our expertise and know-how! We deliver aluminium castings according to your requirements as raw/unfinished castings, finished, machined, milled and drilled, primed or coated and anodized. We can cater all unusal demands as well; just contact us.