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Our Profile and Competitive Edge


For two generations our family has owned and run foundries, so we have a lot of technical know-how and experience at our disposal. Our trading house was founded in the beginning of the 90s in order to cater for the growing, more demanding and more specialised needs of our customers, and is directed by an engineer. We do not just deliver aluminium forged and cast parts, but offer comprehensive support and services around the basic material aluminium, which becomes more and more important in modern construction.


We support our customers in all planning, construction, production and machining matters. We have specialised in the delivery of our customers with critical parts. In the case of "mission critical" parts we hold models with several producers. We can always deliver, on time, and with very attractive prices even in small batch runs. For every specification we have the right production facility with matching capacities. Our broad spectrum and range of proven and tested high quality suppliers enables us to offer these services in unmatched ways. The same goes for our machining and treatment offerings.


We combine technical and logistical competence with trusted relationships to national and international forges and foundries with differing profiles and technical possibilities and with our superior customer orientated order management processes. Our order management organizes all production runs, deliveries and storage, optimal in price and punctuality on behalf of our customers. We are very reliable - and in order to stay this way, we are serious about our process of continuously improving and developing ourselfs, and also make use of external audits.  


Service is our strength


Our supply chain management, purchasing and sales form one integrated business unit, centered around the needs of our customers. We cooperate with several foundries and forges, in order to cater for the individual needs and requirements of our clients. Our order management safeguards a perfect delivery date supervision, the quality monitoring and also ensures an optimised information and data management process.


In consultation and arrangement with our customers, parts can be stocked in our central storage and delivered just in time. We also run and organise consignation storages within the premises of our customers. Our sense-making risk and logistics management process, combined with our attractive prices is thus enabling our customers to control their costs. Also, we can deliver when no-one else can.


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