AGS Risk Management

Small causes can have very large effects.


And who would know this better than our clients, who are often enough coming from an engineering, technical or machine building background? In the area of forges and foundries, potential quality problems can always arise, be it within the production process, the peculiarities of an alloy, the construction, machining, or how a part is actually deployed in conjunction with other parts. We are looking in a very focused way at mitigating all these risks, and furthermore are searching actively for all potential risks stemming from logistics, transportation, machining, storage and treatment. We master and control all risk during the entire chain of construction, production, machining, and delivery.


Our risk management is looking at all areas which have the potential to turn critical:


  • Constant quality monitoring
  • Constant audits of suppliers
  • Safeguarding client specifics of forgings and castings
  • Safeguarding the construction specifics of the client
  • Production specifics; ideal production processes, and
  • Choice of ideal production partner/site
  • Production parameter, analysis, alloy, materials etc.
  • Monitoring of pricing and industry market material surcharges
  • Supervision of all production. machining and treatment times
  • Supervision of all times in regard to delivery of data, models, parts etc.
  • Supervision of all delivery logistics
  • Monitoring and buffering of all delivery routes, delays, customs, Murphy´s law
  • Mission Critical parts  - special processes and safeguards
  • Supervision of treatment and machining
  • Quality monitoring of all machining and refinement processes
  • Monitoring of all delivery dates at client site
  • Monitoring of all parts in store, consignment stores, en route, in the production pipeline
  • Storage of critical parts, consignment storage, supervision of minimum stock levels